Photo Booth Prop Signs

What’s more fun than a photo booth? Photo booth props, that’s what! Take a look at our photo booth prop signs below to add an entire dimension to your next event.

Photo Booth Props – Signs That Add a Sense of Humor

If you’ve ever been at an event with a photo booth, it’s almost doubtless that after a little while, you succumbed to the temptation to climb in and take goofy, funny and sometimes crazy photos of yourself and others. It’s common for people who take these photos to hang onto them for years, as they prompt special memories with special friends and loved ones. We all recognize photos taken in a booth, but when photo booth props are included, they only add more to your memories and to the conversations that follow when people see them.

King Props offers you a full line of photo booth props, including the wide array of photo booth prop signs you see above. You’ll find 15 different options for your photo booth props that range in humorous messages and themes from comic books to weddings and just about anything else you can think of in-between. Add one or several of these choices to your next party, family gathering, trade show booth or corporate event and you’ll not only increase the enjoyment and interaction levels of your attendees, but you’ll also create memories both for those folks and of you and what you organized for them. Go ahead and add some fun messaging to your photos with our photo booth props.