Spanish Party Prop Signs

Whether you are hosting a party with a photo booth and looking for some props, or simply want to add a bit of extra humor and life into the backyard get together, Spanish party prop signs are a great way to achieve this. 

And if you are wondering whether simple phrases and signs are worth better believe that these props will become the life of the party. And when we say props (with an S!), that’s exactly what we mean, because our party props come in packs of six, which means there is more fun to be had. Oh, but we didn’t stop there! Our Spanish party prop signs are double-sided, so for those counting, that’s twelve fun and unique phrases to keep your party lively all day or night.

These props are especially fun if you are hosting a wedding and having a photo booth. Add a little life to your guests’ pictures by having phrases that are either meaningful to the lucky couple, or simply hilarious and guaranteed to garner a smile from photo to photo.

Quinceanera Photo Props

If the occasion is a birthday, and in particular, a special birthday, then we have just the photo props for you. Check out our fun and party-livening quinceanera photo props.

Like our other Spanish party prop signs, these are double-sided, giving you more use out of your product. And since they are easy to hold, they can easily make their way around the party and spruce up the photos, as well as the mood in general.

And don’t worry about those overly rambunctious party goers, as these prop signs are durable and won’t break, bend, or fade. Oh, and they are waterproof, whether one finds its way into a pool or perhaps is greeted with an excited spill of sangria.