Best Photo Booth Signs for Every Event

Best Photo Booth Signs for Every Event

Photo booth signs make picture-taking with friends fun and hilarious.

If you have a photo booth rental service — or simply want to spice up photos for guests at your party — then check out these props!

All props are made of durable PVC, which doesn’t bend and is waterproofed. That means you’ll have no problem with kids (or unruly adult guests).

So, check out the photo booth props you can get for parties below!

Best photo booth signs for weddings

Weddings are the epitome of any relationship. It’s when you tie the knot and make a life-long compromise with your loved one.

But guests want to have a laugh at the party too. Photo booths at a wedding are great for a chuckle after the ceremony —  or even as an icebreaker for guests that arrive early and have to wait.

Check out these photo booth props for weddings:

Each kit has 6 double-sided signs, which means 12 messages in total that guests can display in photos.

And there’s a sign fit for every personality: the groom’s bros can take a pic with the “Team Groom” sign, while the bride’s friends stick to “Team Bride”.

Also, when the ceremony is over and it’s time to dance, bring out the funnier props such as “I’m here to dance” and “let’s get ready to stumble” to eternalize funny moments with loved ones.

And hey, why not pair these props with hats, wigs and other accessories? It’ll definitely be a wedding to remember!

Best photo booth signs for birthdays

Photo booths can eternalize birthdays with photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime. The kind of pics you can keep on your desk to look at and remember great times.

And props add fun to these memorable pictures, especially with the kids. If you rent a booth for your kid’s party you’re guaranteed to have a line of guests to take a photo!

This set of birthday photo booth sign props comes with the classic “birthday boy” and “birthday girl” signs, as well as whacky messages guaranteed to get kids laughing like:

  • Photo bomb!
  • I wasn’t invited
  • Didn’t bring a gift
  • Cake eater
  • And more!

Latino birthday parties

And if your family is Latino, you can order the Spanish party props set with 12 messages on 6 double-sided signs, such as “Guapo” and “Listo para bailar”.

The signs are waterproofed and kid-proofed, so they won’t dent or get soiled even in the biggest of fiestas!

And you can celebrate in style a 15-year-old girl’s birthday with the quinceanera photo booth prop set. With signs such as “#Quince” to eternalize her entry into womanhood and “queremos pastel” for a laugh.

Baby showers

Is it a boy? A girl?

Get the baby boy or baby girl prop set to take some pics with friends on the gender reveal.

It’s a perfect way for every guest to walk back home with a souvenir. And you’ll have all the photos so you can look back on the great moments of the day.

More photo booth prop signs

Halloween, comic books, and even a 64-piece set.

We have plenty more props available for your photo booth sessions, so why not check them out in the link below?

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