What You Need to Know Before Buying Canvas Wall Art

What You Need to Know Before Buying Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art is beautiful, but it’s a different kind of art than a poster or other wall hanging. What is canvas wall art? How is it made? How long does it last and what do you need to do to take care of it? We’ve got all the answers right here.

What Is Canvas Wall Art?

When people think of canvas art, they probably first think of fine art. Artists throughout history have painted great masterpieces (and 7th grade art projects) on stretched canvas, usually with acrylics or oils. 

Canvas wall art uses the same canvas, but it is applied in a different way. Large inkjet printers print the image onto a piece of canvas, after which the canvas is then stretched over a wooden frame. (This frame doesn’t refer to the frame that is placed around the artwork, but a wooden rectangle that is the structure the canvas is attached to (usually stapled). 

The big benefit of a piece of canvas wall art, as opposed to a poster, an acrylic print, or a mounted print, is that the canvas wall art has the feel of fine art. The texture of the canvas gives it an elevated sense of sophistication that you don’t get from a simple print on paper. 

How Much Is Canvas Wall Art?

Canvas wall art is a little more expensive than a poster, though it’s comparable to a framed print. The canvas wall art that we sell ranges in price from $39.99 to $99. 

Some photography studios offer canvas wall art of their photos, and those can get quite expensive depending on the photographer (though that price is mostly due to the photograph itself and not the production process of printing on canvas.)

How Long Does Canvas Wall Art Last?

Canvas can last for centuries, as any tour through a museum of fine art can tell you. Modern canvas is even more long lasting. Canvas used to be made from hemp, which is strong a durable, but now canvas is typically made from cotton or polyester. Of the thress, polyester is the longest-lasting canvas material. This is because, with hemp and cotton, the ink or paint soaks into the material, whereas in polyester the ink stays on the surface of the canvas (because it is synthetic).

This isn’t to say that one is better than the other. For fine art, most artists use cotton canvases. Polyester lasts longer and is a cheaper alternative. 

How Do You Take Care of Canvas Wall Art?

Fade Resistance

Canvas wall art is high quality, but a canvas that is in direct sunlight can fade over time. This is due to ultraviolet radiation (the same thing that causes sunburns). If you want to keep your canvas art in a place where it will be hit with direct sunlight, you can mitigate some of the fading by putting it in a frame with UV resistant glass.


Dusting canvas wall art is definitely recommended, using a dry, soft brush. Keeping canvases away from humid areas, such as around bathrooms or kitchens, will also keep dust from accumulating and sticking to the canvas.  


Canvas wall art can be a beautiful addition to any home, a notch up in sophistication above a framed print. They last long, with a little care, and contribute to the overall attractiveness of any room.

Do you think canvas wall art would look good in your home or office?

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