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Inspirational Sign - "7 Rules of Life"

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Life is complicated, but you can make it easy by following certain rules. This inspirational wall art highlights seven cardinal rules that can remind you where to focus.

Consider these rules to find contentment with yourself and others around you. 

1. Let it Go

The past is unchangeable. To keep momentum in good times, you must learn to let go and make peace with your past.

2. Ignore Them

You're not here in this world to please everyone.  What others think of your actions is none of your business. 

3. Give it Time

Time heals everything. But when you make peace with your past and move past what other people think, things eventually start to get in control. 

4. Don’t Compare

Comparing your worth against other people always ends in despair. You're unique, and you must celebrate who you are and what you have.

5. Stay Calm

It's no secret that the most successful people stay calm and focused in almost any situation. The ability to manage your emotions will directly impact your performance.

6. It’s on You

You're responsible for your own happiness. When you depend on others for contentment, you'll end up being dependent and disappointed. 

7. Smile

Smiling is contagious. You must learn to smile more often as it will help reduce depression and makes you feel happier.

7 Rules of Life Inspirational Sign - Features

The seven rules on this sign are timeless and profound. Mount this on a wall or place it on your desk using the easel backer stand that comes with a product.

This motivational sign is available in 11 ✕17 size. The message is printed on a durable light-weight 5mm coroplast.

Buy this for personal use or to gift someone you love. This product comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee.